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My motto has always been "Do it right the first time." I'm fortunate that I'm doing something I love...providing personal, professional, quality technical services for my clients.

Rebecca Snyder

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I started Software Services in 1988, the fulfillment of a personal goal after working in IT for a variety of businesses. I've worn a lot of hats in my career... I was a technical and marketing resource for Unisys, a systems engineer for Exxon and a business development consultant for small businesses. I've worked with clients in many capacities from designing programs to managing huge projects. I have great clients who keep coming back because they know they can count on me to get the job done.

  • Website design, management and hosting services, 2005-present
  • Inventory control system process modeling, quality assurance, Eyefinity/OfficeMate, 2010
  • Project facilitator, process modeler for internal controls project. San Diego County Auditor and Controller, 2008
  • Project consultant for new web integrated tax system. San Diego County Treasurer/Tax Collector, 2008
  • Project management for predictive dialer solution for collection campaigns. San Diego County Office of Revenue and Recovery, 2007
  • Project management for county-wide implementation of Continuous Controls Monitoring system. San Diego County Office of Audits and Advisory Services, 2007
  • Project management for replacement of legacy mainframe collection system with server-based customized collection system. San Diego County Office of Revenue and Recovery, 2005-2006
  • Designed and developed new applications, enhancements to existing applications to meet new business requirements. San Diego County Treasurer/Tax Collector 2003-2008
  • Project management for implementation of high, medium and low speed remittance processing systems. San Diego County Treasurer/Tax Collector, 2003
  • Designed, developed and maintained payment processing and remittance systems; Application Operating System platform conversions - small systems: CP9500 to B96, B1900 CMS to B1900 Native; large systems: B1900 to A6; PC"s: A6 to Windows and OS/2 PC's; Document processing application conversions: S3000 RPS, S4000 RPS, NCR RPXpress, San Diego County Treasurer/Tax Collector, 1988-2003
  • Designed and wrote Win2 and HTML on-line Help, User Guides, Sales and Marketing publications: OfficeMate Software Solutions 1988-2003, EyeMaginations 2002, San Diego County Treasurer/Tax Collector, 1988-2008
  • Presented and sold applications and systems at Vision shows in the US, Holland and Australia: OfficeMate Software Solutions 1988-1997, EyeMaginations 2001-2002
  • Customized NCR 7780 and S4000 remittance systems: San Diego County Treasurer/Tax Collector; San Diego County Office of Revenue and Recovery; San Diego County District Attorney; Unisys; Bank of California; Great American First Savings Bank; Wells Fargo Bank; Ventura County Tax Collector; Credit Unions